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copenhell tribulation

Tribulation’s Jonathan Hultén @ Copenhell VII

Another band I really wanted to see at Copenhell was Tribulation. They were given the first spot on the Hades Stage on Saturday. That sucked because it meant I had to get up earlier than I wanted, and it meant I’d have a break of several hours before another band I wanted to see went on. It also wasn’t good for crowd size, but Tribulation won over those who did venture forth early after two straight days of non-stop music.

If you don’t know Tribulation, but you like Ghost, then you are missing out. According to Facebook likes, more than 40X more people know about Ghost. Tribulation, like Ghost, is from Sweden. They’ve actually been around longer than Ghost. Tribulation is heavier, and their songs have more staying power in part because they are more complex, but they are still loaded with hooks.

Tribulation’s live performance is very theatrical. They don’t go up there and just play their songs. You get a show. Check them out.


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