- Japan (07, 09-10, 13), Denmark (08, 11, 16-19, 21), Korea (13), Poland (21), Mexico (14, 15, 19), Iceland (17, 19), Hawaii (14, 17), Czech Republic (16, 17, 19, 21)
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Happy Wednesday!


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Oregon Ducks Cheerleader

Ashlyn Shebelut university oregon ducks cheerleader

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After a rough start to their 2015 season (losing 3 of their first 6 games), the Ducks finished strong with 6 straight wins, including victories over Arizona State, USC, and Stanford. A win against TCU in the Alamo Bowl could actually see them crack the Top 10 for the first time since week 2.

My Duck comes home for winter break today. We will be in Mexico in less than a week.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Anyone watching the National Championship game on Monday?

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University of Oregon Cheerleaders

oregon ducks cheerleaders Maggie Rouse

Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders

For some reason, whenever I post photos of Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders my site traffic jumps. What’s up with that?

Today’s photo is from yesterday’s game at Autzen Stadium in Eugene.

Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders

oregon ducks hot cheerleaders college cheer leader photos pics

I purchased a new laptop that I’ve been working on the past few days. As such I don’t have access to any photos other than those I recently took so no Japan photos today. I hope you don’t mind this image instead of some U of O cheerleaders that I took earlier this month at a University of Oregon vs. Stanford game.