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Matsuri goldfish scooping

matsuri goldfish

goldfish scooping (金魚すくい) at Japanese festival (祭)

I once bookmarked a webpage that had all of the Japanese festivals listed on it by region and date. Does anyone know what URL I’m talking about? I’d like to catch a festival or two while in Japan this summer.

The fisherman and the sea…

enoshima japan mount fuji fisherman sunset

… and Mt. Fuji and a sunset.

Fishing in Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park (有栖川宮記念公園)


I’m guessing that you won’t find people fishing in the middle of most of the world’s largest cities. In Tokyo however…

Arisugawa no Miya Kinen Koen is a nice oasis in the middle of Tokyo near the Mormon Temple and the Hiroo Station.

Kamakura multitasking

kamakura japan windsurfing

From the beach in Kamakura, Japan I spotted this guy who I thought was about to take up his sail in order to windsurf like the guys in the distance behind him.


fishing on a surf board kamakura japan

… he picked up his fishing pole and proceeded to engage in, perhaps, Japan’s favorite pastime.

Moment of zen

My random desktop image today of Mt. Fuji takes my mind back to the day I took this photo. A wonderful sensation…

Mt. Fuji and the fisherman

enoshima japan fishing

Some days Mt. Fuji is there for the seeing but it can’t be seen. The humidity and brightness of the sun turn the sky and everything in the distance more or less white. On those days, as the sun drops Fuji San makes its appearance. I think this fisherman was too busy to notice.