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Dave Henderson 1958-2015

Since it’s obituary day on the blog, I thought I’d sneak in another one. Hendu’s best years came with my A’s. Although his average was under .250, and he averaged less than 15 HRs a year, with other teams, he hit .263 and averaged almost 25 home runs a year during his six years with the A’s. He was fun to watch with that big smile too.

Has anyone else noticed that people seem to die more frequently in the last week of the year? Besides Lemmy and Henderson some others that come to mind are Billy Martin, Joe Cocker, Jim O’Toole, Stan Smith, Mike Hegan, and Paul Blair.

Anyway, here is one of Lemmy’s sadder tunes. He almost lived to see 100 years after this song’s namesake.

Another Perfect Day

motorhead another perfect day japanese edition 悪魔の化身

Motorhead’s “Another Perfect Day” (Japanese Edition) 悪魔の化身

Lemmy died yesterday after 70+ years of life. Today’s photo is of my copy of my favorite Motorhead album. I picked this up in Japan in 1989. Strangely, it’s not called “Another Perfect Day” in Japanese. 悪魔の化身 means something like “Evil Incarnate”, and I have no idea why that name was picked. Other Motorhead albums didn’t get a renaming in Japanese.

I only saw Motorhead once, on the Orgasmatron tour in 1987. They haven’t come closer to me than a five-hour drive since. When I found out (after the fact) that they played a couple nights before Insomnium in San Francisco last August I was bummed. I knew then it would have been the last chance I had to see Lemmy again. His health has been pretty bad the past year, but he played until the end with shows even earlier this month. While his death wasn’t as much a surprise as his long life, he will be missed.

Los Lobos Rock Bar in Guanajuato

los lobos bar flyer hot demon fear guanajuato mexico

Hot Demon Fear (Guanajuato, Mexico) at Los Lobos

@hotdemonfear I discovered Los Lobos about ten years ago on an earlier trip to Guanajuato. I spent an evening looking for it again earlier this week, but I couldn’t remember where it was located and my walk of the streets turned up nothing. I couldn’t even remember the name of the place. The next day on a different walk I saw the subject of today’s photo plastered right on the Los Lobos door and the name Los Lobos immediately registered as “that place from before I was looking for”. So tonight I will get to experience my first concert of this type in Mexico.

Unlike some of the rock bars in Japan, the music playing in the background is rather tame. The atmosphere is pretty cool though. I’ll post some photos of the inside soon. When I’ve been in Los Lobos the music has been mostly 1970s rock and roll ballads and the like. You’re more likely to hear Coldplay than, say, Neurosis or Marduk here (at least that has been my experience). Don’t be surprised to hear Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, etc. though. There was another bar in Guanajuato that played nothing but Rammstein (while I was there for a half hour or so anyway). I think it is gone now.

KISS Hello Kitty coloring book

hello kitty kiss coloring book guanajuato

I saw this coloring book for sale while walking the streets of Guanajuato. This is what happens when two cash cow franchises get together. But to be perfectly honest, can you imagine a better coloring book?

Snorkling and dolphin watching on Kealakekua Bay

Kealakekua Bay Cook dolphins jump

Kealakekua Bay (Captain Cook Bay) spinner dolphin doing a spin

Kealakekua Bay Cook dolphins ellie linda ryan case

Kealakekua Bay Cook dolphins surfacing pacific

Pod of dolphins on Kealakekua Bay (Big Island of Hawaii)

Kealakekua Bay Cook dolphins ryan

Ryan and Ellie watching dolphins in snorkling gear

55th Annual Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament

55th Annual Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament mari

Japan’s “Olympian Dream Fishing Club” member, Mari Arakawa, caught a 623 pound Pacific Blue Marlin.

While hanging out near our hotel yesterday we heard them begin to announce the biggest fish caught in the 55th Annual Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament from the nearby Kailua Pier. Soon after arriving we were able to see the largest marlin every caught in the history of the tournament by a woman.

55th Annual Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament mari japanese woman record marlin 622 pounds