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10 years ago


F.K.Ü. @ GRF 2011

fku freddy krueger's underwear getaway rock festival 2011

F.K.Ü. at GRF 2011

I had never heard of F.K.Ü. before the Getaway Rock Festival. In fact, I would have skipped them altogether (as they were playing in the hot, indoor area) had a new, Facebook friend I met at the festival not recommend I see them.

He said, “You are looking forward to F.K.Ü., right?”

I replied, “Who is F.K.Ü.?”

“You know, Freddy Krueger’s Underwear.”

I thought I heard him incorrectly given that English wasn’t his first language, but actually I heard him just fine. He told me they were old-school thrashers, moshers really, with a classic horror movie twist. Notice the “guest singer” in the first photo. Various characters from horror films trotted out on stage from time to time.

F.K.Ü. sounded like fun, and they were.

larry lethal freddy krueger's underwear

Larry Lethal of FKU

FKU getaway rock festival 2011

FKU fans going nuts at GRF

Pat Splat of FKU

Pat Splat of FKU on bass

Peter Lans FKU Pete Stooaahl on guitar getaway rock festival

Pete Stooaahl on guitar for FKU