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The making of a modern Ukiyo-e (浮世絵)

nihonbashi ukiyoe hiroshige

Creating a new ukiyo-e on a storefront in Nihonbashi (Tokyo, Japan)

On an unseasonably cold evening in late November, we came upon this man painting (I think) an original ukiyo-e in the Nihonbashi part of Tokyo. If you want to see the finished result you’ll need to roam the streets of Nihonbashi after (or before) business hours as this can only be seen when the shop is closed.

The location is approximately here.

Season’s Greetings from Kyoto

season's greetings kyoto japan

Mini Santa Clauses roaming the streets of snowy Kyoto, Japan

Geisha Quarters – Kanazawa’s Higashi Chayagai (金沢 東茶屋街)

金沢 東茶屋街 tea house geisha japan

Kanazawa's famous street of tea houses

Oiran (花魁)

花魁 oiran senbei

My co-star from earlier in the day sauntering through the streets of Nikko Edo Wonderland…

The shop behind her is selling senbei (せんべい).

Kanazawa Geisha Town

kanazawa japan geisha tea houses

Kanazawa's Higashi Chayagai (Geisha District)

Outside of Gion in Kyoto, perhaps the most famous place in Japan for geisha is in Kanazawa (金沢 東茶屋街). We saw a geisha hop out of a taxi cab and scurry into a tea house just a minute or so after I took this photo.

Oiran Parade (花魁道中)


My co-star had a parade after the show at Edo Wonderland. She (the oiran) had on some serious, platform geta. Rather than just walk down the street, she had a special move which involved sort of kicking out her foot as she went.