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Giant torii gate in Kamakura

kamakura giant torii gate

Kamakura bamboo mailbox

kamakura bamboo mailbox mail box post

Bamboo post in Kamakura, Japan

I just received word that I get to spend a week or so in Japan on my way to Korea this summer. I’m very excited as it will be my first time back to Japan in nearly three years. I won’t be able to plan an itinerary until I know which airports I’ll be flying in and out of, but regardless of where I go in Japan this time I’m sure it will be an adventure.

Kenchoji (建長寺)

kamakura japan lantern temple kenchoji

Kenchoji (建長寺)

Bamboo around the temple

buddhist temple kamakura japan take bamboo

Today’s photo comes from Hasedera in Kamakura, Japan.

Mossy stone lantern and pine tree in Kamakura

japanese scene stone lantern kamakura matsu

Mossy walls in a Kamakura graveyard

japan moss cemetery tokeiji 東慶寺 Kamakura

Today’s photo was taken in Tokeiji.