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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Bamboo Stairs

A little green from Japan on this St. Patrick’s Day.

Stairway through bamboo

five photo photomerge bamboo stairs nenbutsuji

5-photo photomerge of the bamboo enclosed stairs at Nenbutsuji (Kyoto, Japan)

Bamboo Stream

kyoto bamboo stream

Kyoto, Japan

嵯峨野竹林 (Sagano Takebayashi)

嵯峨野竹林 kyoto bamboo forest arashiyama

Sagano’s bamboo forest path

Japanese photographer and the bamboo path

bamboo path kyoto arashiyama japanese photographer

Kyoto’s bamboo path as captured by a Japanese photographer

After taking this photo the Japanese man featured here turned around and apologized for ruining my photo with his presence. I told him not to worry, that I was taking his photo in the scene as I already had a photo of the scene without any people. He smiled.

Old Korean ladies climbing through the bamboo

beomeosa busan old ladies bamboo

Beomeosa, Busan, South Korea