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Happy birthday, Steve Hogarth!

Steve Hogarth


Marillion in Berlin

berlin marillion

Marillion in Berlin, Germany @ Huxley’s Neue Welt (July 20, 2017)

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Thanks to a friend giving me a Marillion CD about 13 years ago, my first night in Berlin was spectacular this past weekend. My plane from Copenhagen was delayed by more than an hour which led to lots of stress (not to mention sweat, as Germany is far warmer and humid than Scandinavia). However, I made it to the photo pit with at least 15 seconds (but not 30) to spare before Marillion hit the stage.

The setlist consisted mostly of their new album, FEAR, in its entirety. I didn’t get to hear anything off of Marbles (the CD my friend gave me) or my favorite song (When I Meet God), but the evening was wonderful.

This was my first time seeing Marillion. They are from England but have played more shows in Germany than in the USA. Hence, I was very lucky they were playing in Berlin on one of the three nights I was there.

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