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Viking church

Stave Church Århus Moesgård Museum

Stave Church and Bell Tower near Århus, Denmark “in” the Moesgård Museum

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Today’s photo is a different angle on a place I visited in 2011.

Grauballe Man

Moesgaard Museum grauballe man

Moesgaard Museum’s Grauballe Man

One of the other notes at the museum said that when the body was first discovered the locals thought it was that of a drunkard named Red Kristian who disappeared one evening when taking a shortcut through the bog. Instead, Grauballe Man turned out to be from the late 3rd Century BC.

grauballe man description Moesgaard Museum aarhus denmark

Grauballe Man description in Moesgaard Museum (Aarhus, Denmark)

Stave Church near Århus (Moesgård Museum)

Moesgaard museum stave church Århus denmark

Moesgaard Museum – Stave Church – Århus, Denmark

One day, while sightseeing in Århus, Denmark, I rode the bus down to Højbjerg to check out the stave church. I knew what a stave church was supposed to look like from playing the “Age of Mythology” computer game so I was a bit disappointed to find this one which looked nothing like my expectations.

stave church age of mythology aarhus denmark

Stave church interior

None of the original Viking churches have survived in Denmark. This one is a reconstruction done in the 1990s. The bell tower next to the church was completed in 2004.

Viking Axes

viking ax jutland denmark

A little different than yesterday’s viking axes, today’s photo is from Denmark. Inside the Moesgård Museum on Jutland you can find these beauties. The museum is most famous for its bog body known as Grauballe Man. I’ll have to get photos of him up on here soon.