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Oseberg ship in the Viking Ship Museum

Oseberg ship in the Viking Ship Museum

Excavated in 1904, the Oseberg ship was used in the 800s and has been on display in Oslo for nearly one hundred years.

Tomorrow’s agenda

amon amarth setlist copenhell

Amon Amarth setlist (2016 Copenhell)

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2019 Copenhell Schedule / Running Order

Viking Picnic

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There are several pieces of bad news that came with yesterday’s announcement of the 2019 Copenhell schedule.

Some bands I was hoping to see are playing at the same time as other bands I want to see. So I’m going to be skipping Kvelertak, Tesseract, Fiend, Belphegor, Municipal Waste, and The Psyke Project. I’m also going to have to miss parts of Glenn Hughes, Orange Goblin, and Manticora. Finally, I have a 7-hour gap on Thursday with no bands I want to see. 🙁

2019 Copenhell Schedule band Running Order times days

2019 Copenhell Schedule (Running Order)

Viking church

Stave Church Århus Moesgård Museum

Stave Church and Bell Tower near Århus, Denmark “in” the Moesgård Museum

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Today’s photo is a different angle on a place I visited in 2011.

Sunday morning viking


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This Leif Erikson on the bow of a viking ship statue can be found in Iceland. Fun fact: The sculpture came before the church (Hallgrímskirkja). Another fun fact: The church is somewhat similar to another church (Grundtvig’s Church–completed 5 years before construction began on Hallgrímskirkja) I visited on the same trip in Copenhagen.

Amon Amarth @ 2017 Gefle Metal Festival

gefle metal festival amon amarth

Amon Amarth about to hit the stage at the 2017 Gefle Metal Festival

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A little over nine years after seeing Amon Amarth for the first time, in Sweden, I was fortunate to see them again. They put on a bigger and better performance every time I go to one of their shows. It’s safe to say that the crowd was larger and more into Amon Amarth than for anyone else at this year’s Gefle Metal Festival.

Coincidentally, I was staying at an Airbnb in Gavle and someone formerly affiliated with the band happened to be staying there too. This person offered me a ride back to Stockholm after the festival. On that car ride south to Stockholm we passed a car with a Negative Self bumper sticker on it. That reminded me that I met a couple of guys at the festival (in bandanas in the front row for Testament) who said they were big fans of Negative Self and who encouraged me to check them out. I emailed them to see if it was them we passed and it was! A small world indeed.

gefle metal festival amon amarth Olavi Mikkonen

Olavi Mikkonen

gefle metal festival amon amarth

Amon Amarth