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Happy Sabbath

Fantoft Stave Church (Bergen, Norway)

Viking church

Stave Church Århus Moesgård Museum

Stave Church and Bell Tower near Århus, Denmark “in” the Moesgård Museum

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Today’s photo is a different angle on a place I visited in 2011.

Stave Church near Århus (Moesgård Museum)

Moesgaard museum stave church Århus denmark

Moesgaard Museum – Stave Church – Århus, Denmark

One day, while sightseeing in Århus, Denmark, I rode the bus down to Højbjerg to check out the stave church. I knew what a stave church was supposed to look like from playing the “Age of Mythology” computer game so I was a bit disappointed to find this one which looked nothing like my expectations.

stave church age of mythology aarhus denmark

Stave church interior

None of the original Viking churches have survived in Denmark. This one is a reconstruction done in the 1990s. The bell tower next to the church was completed in 2004.

Bergen’s Infamous Stave Church

fantoft stave church bergen norway

Fantoft stavkirke

Some people would say that hanging out in the woods as the sun sets behind the Fantoft Stave Church, site of the infamous 1992 arson, is a little creepy. I found it to be exhilarating. I wanted to wait for darkness as there appeared to be some spotlights. However, I didn’t want to miss the last tram back to my hotel, and it was already approaching midnight.

Fantoft Stave Church in Bergen

stave church at dusk

Fantoft Stave Church - Bergen, Norway

Ever since playing the computer game, Age of Mythology, I’ve been a bit fascinated with Stave churches (stavkirke). The first time we went to Norway, in 2008, we didn’t have time to visit one. When I read that there was one in Denmark, near Aarhus, I was excited to visit, but I was a bit of a disappointment as it wasn’t anything like the Norwegian variety.

So as soon as I got to Bergen I jumped on the light rail and headed to the Fantoft Stave Church. The original stave church from 1150 didn’t look much like this (at least not in the 19th Century after hundreds of years of changes). The church was moved to Bergen in 1883 and reverted to this older style. However, in 1992 the idiot arsonist and murderer Varg Vikernes burned the church. The one I photographed above at dusk is a 1997 reconstruction.