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Rosenborg Castle in the King’s Garden

Rosenborg Castle in the King's Garden (Copenhagen, Denmark)

More than 150 years before the USA existed, this place did. Does that mean that two weeks in my future I’ll be going back in time?

Duchess Augusta’s cup of death

goblet for Last Supper with enamel skull Germany 1632 Rosenborg Castle copenhagen

Skull chalice (Rosenborg Castle – Copenhagen, Denmark)

This golden chalice was made for King Christian IV’s sister, Duchess Augusta of Holstein-Gottorp in 1632. The engravings on the the chalice can also be found in the illustrations of the Lutheran Strasbourg translation of the Bible, published just two years before in 1630.

Family time in Kongens Have

Copenhagen style

Copenhagen dating

rosenborg slot parken park kongens have

Chilling in Kongens Have

Rosenborg Castle interior

Rosenborg Castle Slot copenhagen denmark

Today’s wallpaper comes from inside Rosenborg Castle. The more than 400-year old castle in Copenhagen, Denmark is pretty cool inside and out from any angle.

Rosenborg Castle Throne Room

copenhagen rosenborg castle throne room slot

Most of the time, if you walk into Rosenborg Slot‘s Throne Room it is swarming with tourists. However, I got lucky as it was completely empty. What a feeling it was to be in such a room all by myself. The king and queen’s thrones can be seen at the far end. I’ll post close-up photos of them at some point.