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Takayama temple in the rain



Rain fell most of the time we were in Takayama, including when we did the Higashiyama Walking Course (東山遊歩道) where today’s photo came from.

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Takayama, Japan

Takayama, Japan

Rainy walk in Takayama

高山 takayama japan rain


Temple Town (寺町)

Temple Town 寺町 higashiyama walking course takayama

Higashiyama Walking Course (Takayama, Japan)

Takayama in the rain

takayama rain river old japanese houses


My random image of the day seems to be picking a lot of rainy days in Japan recently. Hmmmmm…. Perhaps it’s giving me a warning that my two months in Japan and Korea this summer are going to be very wet. I hope not…

The Higashiyama Walking Course (東山遊歩道)

The Higashiyama Walking Course 東山遊歩道

The Higashiyama Walking Course (東山遊歩道) in Takayama, Japan

One good thing about visiting Takayama during rainy season is you can do things like the popular Higashiyama Walking Course through Temple Town (寺町) without any crowds.

I’m hoping for an unseasonably dry rainy season in Japan this summer as I will be there for a few days of it a month from now.