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Happy Children’s Day!

Koinobori 鯉のぼり carp streamer may 5 yomiuri land-DeNoiseAI-severe-noise

Koinobori (鯉のぼり) in Yomiuri Land (April 2010)

Animal Coaster @ Yomiuri Land

ryan ellie


No! Tattoo

no tattoo yomiuriland

OK, this is kind of weird for anyone not from Japan, but in Japan tattoos and the mafia are synonymous. The really weird part is that even if you are a foreigner with a tattoo, and obviously not part of the Japanese Yakuza, you can be denied entrance into places (like onsen) and denied other services if you have a visible tattoo. Yet another reason not to get one…

SL Coaster at Yomiuriland

ryan yomiuriland roller coaster sl

This coaster no longer exists, but it did six years ago when I took this photo. This was actually the last time I went to an amusement park with my kids (not counting our walk through of Coney Island in New York in 2012).

This summer we shall go to an amusement park (Tivoli in Copenhagen), although probably not altogether. I will be living and teaching in Copenhagen, and my kids are planning separate visits.


よみうりランド yomiuriland yomiuri land

My random, desktop image of the day. This is from more than five and half years ago at Yomiuriland. I hope my photography skills have improved a bit since then.

Yomiuri Land’s SL Coaster

yomiuri land sl coaster


Beginning in 1988 Yomiuri Land (よみうりランド) had a roller coaster, mostly for kids, called the SL Coaster which traversed this small lake. Before that (from the time it was built in 1966 until 1988) it was called the Jet Shooter (ジェットシューター). My kids were riding it when I took this photo in 2010, but the ride was permanently closed just a year later in 2011.