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Wet Wednesday


Today’s photo comes from Thanksgiving on the Oregon Coast. This place is called the Devil’s Churn.

Seven years ago…

sledding on mt ashland

Kids are gone again

ryan ellie peaches

Ryan and Ellie peach picking in 2015

Back to college for the kids and back to work for me.

Four years ago…

lake of the woods 2013

Lake of the Woods, summer of 2013

…these ladies (now all in college) were in the process of getting wet.

Lake Tahoe cartwheel

ellie cartwheel lake tahoe

Today’s photo doesn’t have much to do with Ashland, but that’s what happens when you are in Denmark and this shows up as the random, desktop image of the day. It’s not easy to pull off a cartwheel when you are 6’2″, but Ellie managed a little over a couple years ago after a volleyball tournament in Reno.


Rowing in Emigrant Lake

Rowing in Emigrant Lake

Three years ago today, this happened.

Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament

seaside volleyball tournament beach liv rooney ellie case

Ellie and Liv

A year ago today, this happened.

Ashland girls in Copenhagen

Chilling @ Rosenborg Castle

I’m almost back in Ashland, after spending most of the past 45 days in Copenhagen, as I’m writing this from SFO waiting for my final leg of the journey.

My little girl is 18 today

Ellie in 2001

Ellie in 2001


ellie ellie ellie smith lake

Smith Lake, California

Today’s random, throwback photo is from May of 2015. All three girls in this photo are named Ellie. What are the odds?

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