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通流打ろう busan-curry-udon-tsurutarou tsurutaro south korea

Udon curry

This was my breakfast on my second day in Busan. I think I was in the basement of the Lotte Department Store.

Seokbulsa (석불사)

Photomerged panorama of Seokbulsa

Not easy to get to, this temple (Rock Buddha Temple) in Busan is pretty amazing. Today’s photo doesn’t do it justice as you can’t tell how large these carvings are, but when standing in between them, if you look up and around, you will be in awe.

If you have a car, the hike is only 10 minutes or so from the parking place. If you are coming via cablecar from Geumgang Park, the hike is a good one but staying on the right path can be a challenge.

Escape from the city

busan ropeway cable car city forest

(Busan, South Korea)

Two years ago I was in need of a reprieve of Korean city life. I found it in the mountains next to Busan via Geumgang Park’s (금강공원) cablecar.

Cablecar from Geumgang Park

Geumgang Park 금강공원 cablecar busan south korea

Geumgang Park (금강공원) cablecar (Busan, South Korea)

I know, “cable car” is two words. For some reason, though, every place on the internet that references this cable car/tram/ropeway refers to it as a cablecar.

Today’s photo reminds me that I have no plans this summer. For the past 10 years or so I had some adventures planned by this time of the year, usually overseas. Although South Korea isn’t my first (or second, or third…) choice of places I’d like to go to, there were some fun moments and unusual experiences a couple summers ago when I went to Korea.

Rather than merely take this cablecar up and down like most people, I went for a rather brutal hike from the top to this amazing location (Seokbulsa or 석불사) in the middle of nowhere.


beomeosa busan south korea

Temple of the Nirvana Fish (범어사)


Japanese restaurant in Busan

japanese restaurant in busan

I just tried to figure out the name of this place, but I couldn’t. It has been more than a year since my visit to Busan. However, this was a memorable evening in Busan.

I chose a Japanese place to eat as I hadn’t spoken (in any language) in a while and was hoping I could at least find someone to speak to in Japanese. This place worked for that. The signs were all in Japanese so I ordered in Japanese. A Korean customer heard me and came over. We spent the rest of the night conversing in Japanese. The owner/chef also spoke Japanese, having been born and raised in Kokura (near Fukuoka) before moving back to Korea decades ago. We figured out that he was born just before my dad served in the military in Kokura. Perhaps my dad saw him wandering the streets when he was a child. I told my dad this story before he died earlier this year. It’s a small world, and life is short.

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