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Once upon a time …

Lotte Giants male cheerleader (Busan, South Korea)

… there were fans at professional sporting events around the world, and they weren’t even socially distanced.

Busan from cablecar that departs from Geumgang Park (금강공원)

Busan (South Korea) from Geumgang Park’s cablecar

Scene from the Jagalchi Fish Market

busan fish market lady throwing water

Busan fish market lady

#Jagalchifishmarket #Busan #SouthKorea #자갈치시장


通流打ろう busan-curry-udon-tsurutarou tsurutaro south korea

Udon curry

This was my breakfast on my second day in Busan. I think I was in the basement of the Lotte Department Store.

Seokbulsa (석불사)

Photomerged panorama of Seokbulsa

Not easy to get to, this temple (Rock Buddha Temple) in Busan is pretty amazing. Today’s photo doesn’t do it justice as you can’t tell how large these carvings are, but when standing in between them, if you look up and around, you will be in awe.

If you have a car, the hike is only 10 minutes or so from the parking place. If you are coming via cablecar from Geumgang Park, the hike is a good one but staying on the right path can be a challenge.

Escape from the city

City escape

Two years ago I was in need of a reprieve of Korean city life. I found it in the mountains next to Busan via Geumgang Park’s (금강공원) cablecar.