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30 years ago today …

iron maiden ticket stub

Iron Maiden ticket stub @ Cow Palace in San Francisco
(March 21, 1985)

@IronMaiden @cowpalacesf @ShorelineAmp

… I saw Iron Maiden for the first time. Thirty years and six more shows later, and I’m ready to see them again.

iron maiden

Iron Maiden @ Shoreline in August of 2012

Happy Birthday to Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris!

iron maiden steve harris

Steve Harris of Iron Maiden (Shoreline Amphitheatre, 8/3/12)

Happy Birthday to Dave Murray (of Iron Maiden)

dave murray adrian smith eddie iron maiden

Dave Murray of Iron Maiden

Wrapping up Iron Maiden with a bang

shoreline amphitheater amphitheatre iron maiden explosion pyrotechnics

I have a few hundred more photos of Iron Maiden’s show at Shoreline last week, but for those of you who couldn’t care less I’ll move on to other pics starting tomorrow.

iron maiden fear of the dark live steve harris

Scream for me Shoreline!

bruce dickinson british flag shoreline

Happy birthday to Bruce Dickinson today.

Today’s top photo is of Bruce at Shoreline this past Friday night during “The Trooper.” The photo below is the crowd reaction to Iron Maiden’s amazing performance and perhaps one of Bruce’s trademarked, “Scream for me ________.”

shoreline amphitheatre mountain view california crowd concert

After a few “Scream for me Shoreline” lines Bruce paused and said, “Where is Shoreline anyway?” I had to laugh.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Bruce. May you whip crowds into a frenzy for another 54 years.

Iron Maiden guitarists

iron maiden guitar

Iron Maiden has the rather strange situation of having three guitarists at the moment in addition to founding bassist Steve Harris. I say “at the moment,” but Janick Gers has actually been in the band for over 22 years now. He came on board to fill in for Adrian Smith, but has stuck around despite Adrian returning more than 13 years ago.

eddie iron maiden poster world tour dates 2012