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tragedy punk band pdx

Billy Davis of Tragedy @ Roseland Theater (2013)

My random, desktop image of the day comes from almost seven years ago, a night in which I drove five hours–each way–to see Tragedy be one of three openers for Neurosis.

Kelly Family Fund

scott kelly neurosis portland

Scott Kelly of Neurosis

@scottneurosis @OfficialNeurot @neurosisoakland

Sarah Kelly has been ill this past week, and people have begun contributing to help the family. For more details, and if you are willing and able, click here.

30 years ago today …

iron maiden ticket stub

Iron Maiden ticket stub @ Cow Palace in San Francisco
(March 21, 1985)

@IronMaiden @cowpalacesf @ShorelineAmp

… I saw Iron Maiden for the first time. Thirty years and six more shows later, and I’m ready to see them again.

iron maiden

Iron Maiden @ Shoreline in August of 2012

Floater playing in Southern Oregon

rob wynia floater

Rob Wynia of Floater

Floater will be playing in Grants Pass a month from today (on 8/22/14). Today’s photo was taken at last year’s Jefferson State Hemp Expo on 8/23/13.

Happy Birthday, Scott Ian!

scott ian anthrax

Scott Ian of Anthrax

I have seen Anthrax live in three different decades. I missed the 1990s.


neurosis band roseland theater Scott Kelly Steve Von Till Noah Landis

Neurosis (front to back: Scott Kelly, Steve Von Till, Noah Landis)

Neurosis just came on over Pandora. Hearing them for the first time since last weekend inspired me to process another photo from the Roseland Theater show.