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Copenhagen City Hall from Christiansborg Slot

Copenhagen City Hall from Christiansborg Slot

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Five months from today I’ll be back in my summer home, Copenhagen. This will be my sixth summer in Denmark and my fourth in a row.

View from Copenhagen City Hall Clock Tower

 Københavns Rådhus Scandic Palace Hotel Copenhagen city center aerial view nikon d7000 18-200mm vr II

Aerial view of Copenhagen, Denmark

My random, desktop image of the day was this one–a photo I took from the clock tower at the top of Copenhagen City Hall. The prominent building nearby is the Scandic Palace Hotel.

Copenhagen City Hall Clock Tower

copenhagen city hall clock tower tour view above aerial

Københavns Rådhus' clock tower

Today’s photo of the Copenhagen City Hall clock tower was taken from an open window within the city hall building itself. On a different day I went up in the clock tower on a tour which was pretty cool.

Copenhagen City Hall interior

Københavns Rådhus

Copenhagen City Hall (Københavns Rådhus)

While the exterior of Copenhagen City Hall is well photographed, after all you can see it easily from Tivoli, I have seen few people inside. Those people I have seen on my few visits through have been employees going about their business as if this was any old building. But it isn’t. Københavns Rådhus is a work of art with enough details to keep your eye wandering for weeks.

Copenhagen City Hall stairway

Københavns Rådhus

Copenhagen City Hall (Københavns Rådhus) interior

We’ll take a little break from the GRF today for a peak inside Copenhagen City Hall.

Rundetaarn (The Round Tower)

lunch in Copenhagen Denmark

Between our visits to Glyptotek and Vor Frue Kirke, mentioned in yesterday’s entry, we had a nice lunch at Pasta Basta. It was relatively inexpensive by Danish standards but still set us back at least 4X more than what we usually pay for lunch at a restaurant in the states. After lunch we headed for The Round Tower, a place I had read about many years ago in a wonderful book called, Blind Watchers of the Sky. At least I think it was in that book. If not, I’m sure it was discussed in Music & Silence.

the round tower copenhagen denmark

The Round Tower (or Rundetaarn) is a most interesting building. You gain access to the top by going up a long, spiral, brick ramp.

brick ramp in the round tower copenhagen denmark

From the top there are outstanding views of the city. And on the very top there is a functioning observatory. We were even able to use the telescope at the top! I believe it’s the oldest functioning observatory in the world at nearly 400 years. There can’t be many older since the telescope has only been around for 400 years.

telescope on the round tower in copenhagen denmark

There wasn’t much to see on a Sunday afternoon with no sunspots. If you really want to see something impressive out of this telescope you’ll want to visit in the winter. It doesn’t get that dark in the summer in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Denmark from the Round Tower

From the top of the tower you have a great view of Rosenborg and the Statens Museum for Kunst.

Copenhagen from the sky

In the distance you can see the bridge linking Denmark and Sweden. You can also see an airplane coming into Kastrup, Copenhagen’s airport. The far away, spiral, church steeple is part of Vor Frelsers Kirke on Christianshavn.

copenhagen city hall and tivoli from round tower

As previously mentioned, the Star Flyer ride at Tivoli offers incredible views of the city. These people are in swing seats way, way up in the air. The large tower obscuring the rest of the riders is the Copenhagen City Hall tower.

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