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Three years ago today…

Mystère by Cirque du Soleil

@TIvegas @Cirque #CirqueduSoleil #vegas

…I went to my first ever show in Las Vegas.

Nevada’s Red Rock Canyon

Rising shadow

@RedRockCynLV @Vegas

Calico Hills in Red Rock Canyon

Calico Hills


Las Vegas sunrise

Las Vegas sunrise (from room in Wyndham Grand Desert)

In just one week…

trump treasure island must see vegas

Las Vegas Strip

…fantasy and science fiction will collide in a made-for-reality-TV special guaranteed to last for four years. I believe Roger Waters made an album back in the early 90s about this scenario called “Amused to Death” but no one was paying attention it seems.

Red Rock Canyon

red rock las vegas photomerge

Red Rock Canyon (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Yesterday we did a short hike with my sister’s family to a lovely place I’d never been to before. Today we are headed to the Grand Canyon (for the first time), and beginning tomorrow night we will be in Sedona, Arizona for the new year.

If you ever want to drive the 13-mile scenic road through Red Rock Canyon, don’t go between Christmas and New Years. The road was closed due to high traffic. The only way in, around, and out was on foot. They still charged everyone to use the road which seemed rather odd.

That said, it was well worth the $3 a person price, and you’ll see more by seeing less on foot.

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