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Throwback Thursday

If everybody had an ocean...

Today’s photo comes from the Huntington Beach Pier in early 2012.

Hang Ten?

surfer huntington beach california

I can’t decide whether to call this one “Wipe Out” or “Wind Surfing”

Surf’s up

california surf surfing waves pacific ocean

Huntington Beach surfer

#Surf #Surfing

Surfing Oahu’s North Shore

North Shore (Oahu, Hawaii)

Surfing Sayulita

sayulita surfing ellie case

Sayulita surfing

Sayulita is well known for surfing, especially for novice surfers. The waves can get kind of crowded with beginning surfers this time of year.

If you plan to surf Sayulita, don’t bother booking one of the $45 lessons online in advance. For 400 pesos (< US$23) you can get a lesson, rashguard shirt, and surfboard for the rest of the day if you just hit the locals up on the beach. We did this on one of the busiest days of the year, too, so it isn't like they will be gone if you don't make a prior reservation.

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