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2023 SOU softball championship parade

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2023 SOU Softball National Champions Parade (June 6, 2023)

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Deja Acosta

SOU President Rick Bailey addresses the crowd

Coach of the Year Jessica Pistole and World Series MVP Cayla Williams

Doubleheader today

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Yesterday’s recap of the doubleheader sweep. Today’s games are at 11 and 1. The coaches have College of Idaho at #8. Massey had them at #1 (before yesterday).

You make the call

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Last weekend featured the first games of the year for SOU softball. Maybe some people, including the umpires, were a little bit rusty?

I think I noticed at least five questionable calls and was able to photograph three of them.

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Ashton Cathey

On the above play, the runner was called “safe”.

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Deja Acosta

sou softball deja acosta-DeNoiseAI-clear

Deja Acosta

The hit below was ruled an out because, according to the umpire behind the plate, at the moment of bat-ball contact, the batter was outside the lines of the batter’s box. First of all, by this point in the second game of a doubleheader, the lines of the batter’s box are mostly gone. Second, the photo below is after the moment of bat-ball contact. She was actually even more in the box when bat-ball contact happened. Finally, how can an umpire behind the plate, who is simultaneously calling balls and strikes, see where a batter’s feet are at the moment they make contact? Aren’t they probably looking at the location of the batter’s feet a second after contact is made at best?

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Sarah Kerling

Happy birthday, Ashton Cathey!

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Ashton Cathey

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Raiders chosen to host NAIA Softball National Championship Opening Round

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Lindsey Stripling is fifth on the team with a .422 batting average

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May 16-18, 2022 are the dates for the opening round to be held in the Rogue Valley. Details here.

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Cayla Williams leads the Raiders in ERA (1.68) and fielding percentage (with zero errors in 59 attempts)

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Riley Donovan leads the NAIA in RBIs (by a full 10!) with 83

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2022 SOU Softball team celebrates Erika Marquez on senior day

Players of the Week

sou softball ashton cathey topaz denoise ai-clear

Ashton Cathey launching one of her three bombs over the weekend

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Details here.

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Tez Allen