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View of Wagner Butte from Tunnel Ridge Trail

wagner butte from tunnel ridge trail

Southern Oregon – February 28, 2021

Wagner Butte Trail Wildflowers

wagner butte hike wildflowers

Wagner Butte Trail

wagner butte trail

Wagner Butte Trail (Southern Oregon)

End of the day

Dark clouds, ray of sunshine, sunset, snow

Wrapping up April (with snow?)

Spring Snow

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If April showers bring May flowers, what do April snows bring?

We went for a hike on Wagner Butte on Saturday, expecting rain but receiving snow. Snow, instead of rain, was far more comfortable on this 10-mile hiking adventure.

I’ve done this trail before in sunny weather. Directions can be found here. Note that the bullet-ridden sign (top image in link) is no longer there so don’t be looking for it.

Road to the valley below

dead indian memorial road ashland clouds wagner butte snow

Dead Indian Memorial Road to Ashland with Wagner Butte in the distance

Ashland panorama

 ashland mount wagner springs hotel

Mt. Ashland, Wagner Butte, and the Ashland Springs Hotel on a spring day

Ashland panorama between storms

john mccall house national historic landmark nikon d600 photomerge

It’s not everyday that you get the chance to stand on the roof of a two-story, Victorian Italianate house built in 1883 near downtown Ashland. When that opportunity affords itself on a day (near the end of autumn) when half the town is getting rained on and the other half is under a bright blue sky you count yourself lucky. Today’s photo is about a 300 degree panorama I photomerged together. For loads more details click on the above image. Depending on your browser you may want to click on it again for even more detail. See if you can find the Ashland Springs Hotel, Wagner Butte, the Historic Ashland Armory, and Grizzly Peak. If you look really closely you can also see Puck’s Donuts, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Modern Barber Shop, and the Ashland Wine Cellar.

Paschal Winery & Vineyard Panorama

Paschal Winery & Vineyard talent ashland grizzly peak wagner butte

We visited Paschal Winery & Vineyard for the first time this past weekend. Paschal isn’t far from Ashland, just a few minutes up the road in Talent. I took today’s panorama from the deck. Just to the left of center is a different angle on Grizzly Peak than I’m used to from Ashland. On the right side of the photo is Wagner Butte. Mt. Ashland can’t be seen from this location. If you look really closely you may be able to spot the moon and a baby.

Pre-eclipse Ashland panorama

ashland oregon

Ashland, Oregon panorama

Before last Sunday’s eclipse, I scouted out various locations for photo taking. I like this particular place for landscapes, but the view wouldn’t have looked much different during a solar eclipse so I took this photo* and moved on to ScienceWorks for the eclipse party instead.

You will see a lot more detail if you have a widescreen computer monitor, maximize your window, and then click on the image. To capture as much detail as possible (and not miss out on the amazing clouds) *I shot about 8 or 10 images vertically at 24mm (36mm equivalent as I have a crop sensor) and then photomerged them together for this very horizontal panorama.

From left to right, you can see Pilot Rock, Mt. Ashland, and Wagner Butte. This panorama covers nearly 180 degrees and pretty much all of the Siskiyou Mountain Range viewable from Ashland.