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Aquarium of the Bay

Aquarium of the Bay san francisco bay aquarium tuna

Aquarium of the Bay – Pier 39 – San Francisco

Today’s photo comes from our trip to San Francisco this past November.

Speaking of trips… I booked my flights to Japan and Korea this morning for this summer. Strangely, it was cheaper to layover several days in Japan each way than to just book a round-trip ticket to Korea. Also, staying in Japan each way will break up what would have been two, 34+ hour one-way trips into something more realistic. I was trying various airports and days and found that if I flew to Fukuoka (through Tokyo) it was about $1,000 cheaper than just flying to Tokyo. This makes no sense, but I guess airline ticket pricing doesn’t make much sense. The super cheap fare to Fukuoka was only available for one day. I thought, oh well, I’ll just get off in Tokyo even though I also have a ticket to Fukuoka. But I’ve never been to Fukuoka so I’ll go to Kyushu for a change. On my way back from Korea I’ll get to spend a day or more in Tokyo.

So, for those of you who have been to Fukuoka, what should I see and do between Fukuoka and Osaka? I’ll have about four days. I have been to Himeji, but other than Himeji this part of Japan is all new to me.

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