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Czech rainbow

 rainbow near Chvalšiny czech republic

Rainbow near Chvalšiny (Czech Republic)

I frequently describe to friends the “magic” I experience when traveling. This year has been no exception. In fact, there has been even more than normal. I don’t know if there has been even a single day in the past couple of months without at least an incident or two.

Which is my lead-in for today’s photo… Another travel day which was supposed to be uneventful, simply go from point A (Plzen) to point B (Český Krumlov). The landscape was far more interesting than I imagined, so I ended up making a number of stops to take photos and enjoy the scenery. After one of the stops, Google maps directed me up a hill to the left of town instead of where I thought I was going (straight through town). I didn’t question Google maps as I had never been here. Also, I was zoomed in too much to see that my point B wasn’t up the hill or in that direction at all.

So I drove up the hill for a few kilometers before Google told me to make a u-turn and go back to where I had just come from before going through town. I was a little pissed and wondered how Google had made such a mistake. I audibly said to the air, “Why did you send me up this road, Google?” At that very moment, I rounded a corner to view the most vivid rainbow I think I have ever seen. I responded to the rainbow with, “Oh Google, this is why you sent me here!” The photo isn’t actually that great as it began to fade as I pulled over, got the camera out, etc.

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