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Two summers ago…

Paragliding in Mürren, Switzerland

I looked out the window of our hotel room in the Swiss Alps and saw the above. I wanted to do it too, but you need a reservation weeks in advance, and we had made no such plans.

Don’t be like me. If you are going to Murren, be sure to make a reservation for paragliding long before you get there.

BTW, we are going to Glacier National Park in a few weeks. First timers. What should we not miss? Any reservations we should be making now?

Strolling down a lane in Mürren, Switzerland

focus stack murren switzerland

Mürren, Switzerland

Bernese Highlands

More than a mile high

Playground of the gods

Allmendhubel Alpen Playground

Swiss Alps


Chapel Bridge twilight

Chapel Bridge Sunset

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