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CNU track blue hour

gwangju cnu track blue hour

Chonnam National University (Gwangju, South Korea)

A different angle of the same track earlier in the day can be found here.

Chonnam National University Back Gate District

Chonnam National University Back Gate neighborhood

Chonnam Back Gate after dark

Gwangju’s night life areas required a long bike or taxi cab ride to get to from my residence on the Chonnam National University campus. The back gate neighborhood was the only exception, but with my lack of language skills I could never find anything fun to do or anyone to talk to in this part of town (with Corona being the only exception).

Speaking of Gwangju, if you happen to be in the area, one of my photos was featured as the April 2014 Photo of the Month in Gwangju News.


gwangju rice paddy

Gwangju rice

I have seen loads of rice paddy fields on the edges of Gwangju and even more on the few bus trips I’ve taken away from the city. Today’s photo is of the only rice paddy I have observed right in the middle of the city, and I get to see it daily as it is right next to where I live on the Chonnam University campus. Watching the rice grow over the past six weeks has been amazing. The stalks have more than doubled in height in that period of time, and now there is actual rice on the top.

CNU track (전남대학교)

CNU track

Chonnam National University track

The track near the front gate of Chonnam National University isn’t used much during the day this time of year as the heat and humidity make outdoor exercise more work than fun. However, once the sun goes down, hundreds of people can be seen circling this track in the evenings. When I took this photo the sun was setting. A couple hours later there were probably three times as many people on the track.

Mudeungsan can be seen in the distance of today’s image.

Yongji Lotus Pond

lotus pond chonnam national university gwangju korea photomerge

Photomerge of Dragon Lotus Pond (용지) @ CNU in Gwangju, Korea

My office on the Chonnam National University (전남대학교) campus is in the Yongji Building which is right across the road from this lovely lotus pond with the same name. The pond is actually larger than this photo makes it look. This is a photomerge of about six images so it includes about 180 degrees of view. During the current rainy season seeing the pond looking like this is rare as the more typical gray sky usually makes it look rather drab. I grabbed the chance to take this photo when a rare bit of sun and blue sky came poking through the clouds one day.