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Nine summers ago…

Columbia University (New York)

Columbia University panorama

columbia university photomerge photoshop new york ivy league

Columbia University – New York

A few hours before this sunset, Ryan and I were checking out the Columbia University campus in New York last summer. In between the two photos we were caught in a lighting storm. The skies actually opened up while we were on this campus, and we retreated to the library at the far end of today’s photo to avoid getting drenched.

West 120th Street, New York City

west 120th street new york city teacher's college whittier hall union theological seminary

On the north side of the Columbia University campus there is a nice view of W 120th Street from this perch. I photomerged a half dozen photos, taken just before a summer lightning storm, to come up with the above image.

On the far left is The Riverside Church. Moving right from there is Union Theological Seminary, then Teacher’s College directly across the street, and to the right is Whittier Hall.