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Phantom Ship @ Crater Lake

Phantom Ship

On our way back from Bend this past weekend we stopped at Crater Lake. Although it was completely cloudy and raining moments before we arrived, 80% of the sky was blue soon after our arrival. The views were spectacular. More to come…

Snowy Crater Lake

Winter at Crater Lake

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I have been to Crater Lake many times in winter, but yesterday’s visit featured the most snow I have seen there.

Crater Lake close up

crater lake

Crater Lake clear

This isn’t the normal, “postcard” shot of Crater Lake, but sometimes you miss the trees for the forest when you look at Crater Lake only as a whole. The details are quite lovely as well as the big picture.


crater lake wildfire smoke

National Creek Complex Wildfire

As mentioned yesterday, the Crescent fire and National fire have closed Highway 230, making it rather difficult to get from the Rogue Valley to Bend and other parts of Oregon. In addition the Boundary Springs Trail (and a few others) have been closed. Today’s photo is a closer view of the smoke outside the crater’s rim from inside on (8/12/15).

Panorama from Sinnott Memorial Overlook

8-photo photomerge crater lake wildfire smoke sinnott memorial overlook

8-photo photomerge of Crater Lake

Most of my students from the class I taught in Guanajuato, Mexico last year have come to Ashland, Oregon for a class at Southern Oregon University. Yesterday was an off day so we went to Crater Lake. The smoke visible on the left side of today’s photo is from a fire burning in Crater Lake National Park. Highway 230 is closed.

Crater Lake in winter

photomerge crater lake discovery point west rim drive

Crater Lake’s Discovery Point on the West Rim Drive in winter

A week ago, this happened. The approach to this location looked like this.