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Snowy Futarasan Shrine

photomerge nikko snow

Futarasan Jinja (二荒山神社) in the snow


nikko snow

My random, desktop image of the day reminds me that six years and two months ago I had an incredible day in snowy Nikko.

Nikko’s Shinkyo in the snow

nikko snow Shinkyo 神橋

Shinkyo (神橋) – Nikko, Japan

Once upon a time, only the emperor could cross this bridge. Shinkyo is part of Futarasan Shrine.

Futarasan Jinja in the snow

二荒山神社 Futarasan jinja yuki snow nikko


I took today’s photo nearly three years ago to the day, a lovely and cold day it was. I have been to Nikko several times; each time the weather was very different. I really need to go there to see the fall colors someday.

Love Ema from Futarasan Shrine (二荒山神社)

Futarasan Shrine 二荒山神社

I’ve posted photos of ema before. This one I saw in Nikko at Futarasan Jinja. Basically, for just a few hundred yen your wishes will come true thanks to the gods of the Futarasan Shrine. The happy couple here is Yuko 裕子 (or possibly Hiroko) and Masanori 正典 (I think). One of them wished for good relations (the heart indicating a romantic relationship I suppose) between the two of them for a long time. For all the reader knows, though, the one may not even know the other exists at this point.

Nikko – Part 3

Everything looks better, fresher with a coating of new snow. This includes the Toshogu Pagoda in Nikko and the stone lantern in front of it.

Or even just the stores in front of the Tobu Nikko train station.

On our first day in Nikko the snow became even fresher as it began to fall from the sky while we were at Futarasan Shrine (二荒山神社).