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Happy Helloween!

Helloween crowd @ Copenhell

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Metal Monday

helloween copenhell michael ingo joachim weiki weikath-denoise

Weiki of Helloween @ 2018 Copenhell

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Happy Helloween!

Jack V Lantern

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Copenhell 2019 lineup

Helloween @ 2018 Copenhell

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With tickets going on sale in less than a week, Copenhell has begun to announce its lineup for 2019. So far the bands include Halestorm, Dimmu Borgir, Eluveitie, Demons & Wizards, BAEST, Whitechapel, and Alien Weaponry.

Helloween @ 2018 Copenhell

copenhell helloween Markus Grosskopf

Markus Grosskopf

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I checked off of the power metal and Helloween train in the early 1990s, but before then I listened to Helloween’s first three CDs frequently. Seeing four original members perform the songs I listened to hundreds of times in the late 80s, but never since, was surprisingly fun and enjoyable. I felt like I could remember every word and chord. Good times.

copenhell helloween Kai Hansen

Kai Hansen

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Pumpkins United Tour

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helloween copenhell

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Michael Kiske