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Jo Quail @ 2019 Gefle Metal Festival

Jo Quail @ 2019 Gefle Metal Festival


I was supposed to see MYRKUR again this summer, twice. However, she is pregnant and has cancelled her shows. Jo Quail took her spot at the Gefle Metal Festival this past weekend. KADAVAR is her replacement at Brutal Assault, but I may miss them due to a time conflict with Hypocrisy and Cult of Luna. I love all three bands so it will be hard to choose. Maybe all of Hypocrisy and a bit of the other two, as I haven’t seen Hypocrisy before.

Anyway, back to Jo Quail. Her music is wonderful, looping, hypnotic soundscapes that I quite enjoy. I don’t understand why more metal bands don’t have someone on a cello. I’m pretty sure this was the second time I’ve seen Jo Quail. I think she was on the cello when MYRKUR did her softer set at 2018 Roskilde Festival on the Gloria Stage.

I kind of wish they had swapped her spot with Primordial, but then I wouldn’t have been able to see Night Crowned so it all worked out.