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Mudeungsan wine

muduangsan gwangju rice wine mudansan

Korean wine

One year ago today I was flying to Korea. Today’s photo comes from a few days after that arrival in Korea. I rarely knew what I was purchasing at Korean grocery stores or restaurants, but this item had a bit of English and Japanese on it. 無等山 means the mountain without equal, and I knew that was the name of Gwangju’s mountain. I climbed it a week or two later in an all-day adventure and made it to the rocks shown on this beverage. However, this “wine” was pretty nasty, and I didn’t bother to finish it.

View through the doors

Chungjangsa Shrine 충장사

Chungjangsa Shrine (충장사)

A walk in the mountains of Korea

chungjangsa shrine mudeungsan

Chungjangsa Shrine on Mudeungsan (Gwangju, ROK)

Korean Kayobi – Creek on Mudeungsan

mudeungsan creek gwangju south korea mount mt mudeung

Mudeungsan (무등산) creek

Whenever I tried to get others to climb around on Mudeungsan with me they would cower at the thought of hiking for hours on end. While one of the hikes I took was quite rigorous and long in both duration and distance, many people just get off at the bus stop and wander a few hundred feet to this creek. Compared to the city of Gwangju just 20 minutes away, this is like a whole different world. There is a relatively easy hike that goes along this creek for a few kilometers if you aren’t up for a hike to the top of the mountain.

CNU track (전남대학교)

CNU track

Chonnam National University track

The track near the front gate of Chonnam National University isn’t used much during the day this time of year as the heat and humidity make outdoor exercise more work than fun. However, once the sun goes down, hundreds of people can be seen circling this track in the evenings. When I took this photo the sun was setting. A couple hours later there were probably three times as many people on the track.

Mudeungsan can be seen in the distance of today’s image.

Gwangju nature

river near jeungsimsa

Stream near Jeungsimsa (증심사)

Along the side of Juengsimsa and the Uijae Museum of Korean Art (의재미술관) runs a lovely, small river near the edge of Mudeungsan National Park. I was too tired to check out the museum, but I hope to go back before my time in Gwangju is over.