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Myrdal norway in a nutshell train station

Myrdal, Norway

I don’t think Myrdal is an actual town. Instead, it’s a place to change trains from the Bergen-Oslo Line to the Flam Railway Line which takes people down from this location to the fjords. I’m guessing most places people go to merely to change trains aren’t quite this beautiful.

Bus ride out of the fjord

Fjord Bergen

If you do the Norway in a Nutshell journey, don’t think that the bus ride between Gudvangen and Voss will be a good time to take a nap because there won’t be much to see. The views are as good from the bus (see above) as they are from the train, boat, and Flåm Railway.

Norway’s fjords

norway fjord nutshell

Norway’s Nærøyfjord

My random, desktop image of the day is this one from my trip to Norway a couple years ago.


Naeroyfjord norway in a nutshell


My random image for today is another photo from Norway. Norway’s fjords reminded me of a cross between Hawaii and Yosemite. In just over a week I’ll be in Yosemite. I’m bringing along The Photographer’s Guide to Yosemite. Hopefully the weather will cooperate like it did on the day I did Norway in a Nutshell.

Voss Stone Church (Voss kyrkje or Vangskyrkja)

voss kyrkje vangen stone church voss norway Vangskyrkja

When you read about “Norway in a Nutshell” it seems that the train ride and going through the fjords will be the highlights. Perhaps they are, but the bus ride from the fjord (Gudvangen) to Voss is amazing too. In Voss, while waiting for the train, I walked around town and took this photo of Voss’s 13th Century stone church. It boggles my mind to see buildings that have been standing for hundreds of years before Columbus “discovered” America. Luckily this building wasn’t destroyed (like much of Voss) during German bombing in WW2.

Approaching Flåm

Flåm norway nutshell train fjord

Today’s random desktop image is this one. I took this photo out the window of the Flåm Railway train, a train ride I will never forget.