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Kyoto rice field

Chuo Line view

view from train between kofu and tokyo


I took today’s photo out the window of the train I was on somewhere between Kofu and Tokyo.


棚田 terraced rice paddies field shugakuin imperial villa kyoto

Terraced rice fields of Shugakuin Imperial Villa (Kyoto, Japan)

Biking around Yamanashi Ken

PHOTOMERGE panorama rice paddy dusk kofu

rice paddies near Kofu

Summers in Japan can be brutally hot and humid. When the sun drops the temperature doesn’t decrease much, but not being in the sun anymore is a welcome relief. Such was the case when I was heading towards Kofu 甲府市 from Kai 甲斐 on this evening. I ended up eating at this udon place nearby before making it to Kofu.

Farmer in the rice paddies

rice paddies kyoto japan

Shugakuin Imperial Villa (修学院離宮, Shugakuin Rikyu – Kyoto, Japan)

The Shugakuin Imperial Villa tour (must be booked in advance) includes views beyond the original villa. In the 1960s the Imperial Household Agency purchased the surrounding rice paddies to save the neighborhood from possible development. Locals lease the property from the agency and grow the rice for their own business ventures.

Shugakuin Imperial Villa panorama

photomerge pnaorama shugakuin imperial villa

8 photo-photomerged panorama of Kyoto’s Shugakuin Imperial Villa

The sky wasn’t so great for a panorama like this, as rain had been coming down in buckets and was about to begin again. I took this photo on one of the hottest and most humid days of 2013 in Kyoto. Not pleasant weather for such a pleasant place like the Shugakuin Imperial Villa.