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Roger Waters @ SAP Center in San Jose

roger waters sap arena san jose us them tour



Another ridiculously amazing show by Roger Waters last week. This was my sixth time seeing him, and every time blows my mind. I didn’t have a camera on me this go around so I have only these cell phone pics.

roger waters sap arena san jose us them tour dark side of the moon prism california live pink floyd


roger waters sap arena san jose us them tour

Pigs (Three Different Ones)

roger waters sap arena san jose us them tour

Comfortably Numb

Here’s a video someone else took from a different angle to give you a feel for the visuals:

And a very short clip I took near the end:

Roger Waters clip during Comfortably Numb in San Jose on June 7, 2017

House Divided


Reser Stadium on the campus of Oregon State University

Today is the 2016 Civil War game in Corvallis. We’ll be watching on TV from Ashland. With a Duck and a Beaver in the family, the game will finally become interesting for us. Even though the ramifications aren’t as large as the game in Washington, yesterday, this may actually be a decent game for once as OSU and UofO have identical conference records for the first time in ages.

I’ve actually never been in Reser Stadium, a fact I need to get corrected next season. Today’s photo is from my daughter’s dorm.

The Rolling Stones @ Desert Trip


The Rolling Stones @ Desert Trip (10/7/16)

#DesertTrip #DesertTrip2016 @DesertTripIndio @RollingStones

Friday night two of two at Desert Trip happened last night. I wasn’t there, but here are a few more shots from Desert Trip’s first Friday.


The Rolling Stones tongue logo given the Desert Trip motif