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Meiji Jingu

Shibuya after dark

shibuya night 100 matsumoto kiyoshi drug store

Tokyo Christmas

christmas 2009 shibuya umbrellas rain

Christmas 2009
Shibuya umbrellas in the rain

Shibuya Crossing

shibuya tokyo japan crossing スクランブル交差点


Shibuya rain

shibuya tokyo japan umbrellas

Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan) on a rainy November evening

After checking out Opeth at O-East, I headed out into the rain to catch my train home. The darkness, coupled with the sea of umbrellas, made the scene too cool to merely walk through on my way home so I went up in Starbucks to get a better view of things.

Vending Machines at night

There is something like 6 million vending machines (自動販売機) in Japan. I kid you not. At night they are all aglow, which makes you wonder why street lights are even necessary since you can see the streets just fine by the glow of the vending machines.

I took today’s photo somewhere between Harajuku and Shibuya.