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Happy Wine Day!


Happy National Dessert Day!

Vesterbro Vinstue dessert

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Today’s photo comes from one of my favorite restaurants, Vesterbro Vinstue in Copenhagen.

Only in Copenhagen

Zeppelin Rock Bar interior

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Once upon a time… actually I’ve already told part of the story. Flash forward 35 years, and I found myself in King Diamond’s home town looking up at a ceiling I couldn’t have imagined in high school.

Vesterbro Vinstue

Vesterbro Vinstue

I don’t eat out often in Copenhagen. The food just isn’t usually that good, and it’s always expensive. However, if you are in Copenhagen, and want a first-class meal, Vesterbro Vinstue is the place to go. You can order individual items for 95 DKK each or get a five-course dinner for 350 DKK (a bit over $50 but tax is included and tipping isn’t done in Denmark). Compare that to Noma which is 2,250 DKK (and is all vegetarian or vegan).

I have no idea what the above item is. All I know is I’ve been to Vesterbro Vinstue twice, have had 10 different things, all were awesome, and I didn’t know what any of them were.

Cheap, good food found in Copenhagen!

Food in Copenhagen is not cheap. When purchased at the grocery store it will run you 2X as much, on average, when compared to the U.S. When purchased at a restaurant food can cost up to 4X as much as the good old U.S.A.

I get a good lunch at the canteen at Copenhagen Business School for about US$6 to $7, but other than that the pickings have been slim. We did find one other good deal. At a place called “Lille Istanbul” on Viktoriagade near the corner of Vesterbrogade in Vesterbro there are about 13 different, very tasty sandwiches to choose from. They are called “Super Sandwiches” and they go for only 25 DKK (or just over US$5) each.

lele vesterbro copenhagen denmark

Last night we went out to a place all of the guidebooks rave about as being the best deal in town. “Le Le Nha Hang” is the name of the place, and it, too, is in Vesterbro. The food was OK, but the prices are no longer under 100 DKK as all of the guidebooks promise. The cheapest dishes start at about 115 DKK now. Their menu has been revised recently it seems. For a bowl of soup, a salad, and two drinks the two of us paid just over US$70. It was a good meal but not something I would pay more than about $20 – $25 for in the U.S.