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Ultra-wide photo vs. photomerged panorama

los angeles dodgers california tokina 11-16 nikon d7000

At 11mm on my DX (crop sensor) Nikon D7000 today’s top image of Dodger Stadium is pretty wide. But I wanted to see what I could do with photomerge in Photoshop CS5 so I merged/stitched five images from the same vantage point together with the following result.

dodger stadium pano ultrawide los angeles california

Not only do I like the result much more, but photomerge did a couple of really cool things. First, with each of the five images, the picture on Diamond Vision in left field changed. I thought photomerge would blend them all together into a mess. Instead, it took just the first one for a clean Diamond Vision scene. Second, players on the field and people in the stands were moving between the five photos. Somehow photomerge detected this and didn’t put multiple versions of the same person into the final scene. Very cool, photomerge. I think I love you. I guess I can ditch my ultra-wide angle lens and just photomerge my future photos together!

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    Another comparison (on full frame this time) of Coors Field: