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Archive for London

Happy birthday Demolition Man!

Demolition Man of Venom Inc.

@venom_inc @_METALBREW_ #metalbrew #metalbrew2016

London drain

Westminster Abbey exterior details

Metal Monday

tony dolan demolition man venom inc metal brew

Tony Dolan of Venom Inc. @ 2016 Metal Brew

@venom_inc @_METALBREW_ #metalbrew #metalbrew2016

London towers

Old tower swallows the new

London ramen

Shoryu Ramen (London, England)


My random, desktop image of the day reminded me that I had some ramen in London a year and a half ago. I have no memory of this ramen which probably means it wasn’t that good or that bad.


london changing guard band redcoats trumpet buckingham palace england

The Changing of the Guard Band (Buckingham Palace, London, England)


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