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10 years ago

My random, desktop image of the day is from ScienceWorks and comes from my pre-DSLR days.

11th Annual Brews & Boogie

Danielle Kelly Soul Project jackson county fair

Danielle Kelly Soul Project

@whattodoinsoore @SOLiveEvents

Tonight (10/3/15) is the annual event at ScienceWorks featuring food, beer, and several local musicians. For this year’s event those acts include Jive Coulis, Frankie Hernandez & the Old Soul Parade, Danielle Kelly Soul Project, and DJ G_Rad from the Granite Taphouse. Tickets are $20, and things will be happening from 7 p.m. to midnight.

2015 Ashland 4th of July Parade Photos

ashland 4th of july parade sou

SOU in the Ashland 4th of July parade

@AshORChamber @SOUAshland

ashland 4th of july parade fly over

fly over

ashland 4th of july parade super soaker

They banned these for parade participants a few years ago but maybe not for the spectators. In any event, no one was complaining as it was HOT!

ashland 4th of july parade sou scienceworks fart

ashland 4th of july parade sou firecracker queens wendy conner

More pictures from the day coming soon…

Summer Screwball Series

blend scienceworks movies

“His Girl Friday” projected on the side of ScienceWorks (6/14/15)

@ashlandfilm @LaurelSager


This summer you can watch movies at ScienceWorks outdoors every other Sunday evening. It’s sort of like a drive-in movie experience.

More photos from Sunday’s solar eclipse

scienceworks eclipse party ashland oregon telescope

I just missed a photo of this baby standing at the bottom of this telescope looking up at the eclipse (with no one else in the frame). That photo was not to be as my camera was set to 1/8000, ISO 100, f/40, 340mm at the time (which worked great for the eclipse but would have yielded nothing but blackness for this view). By the time I got my D7000 to 1/100, f/2.8, 105mm a few seconds later for this photo op the scene had changed to this. Not bad, but not quite as cool.

scienceworks hands-on museum ashland oregon events

It was a last second decision to go to ScienceWorks for the eclipse. There were many places in town I could have taken photos, and they would have all come out fairly similar of the eclipse itself. However, I decided seeing some of the people at the ScienceWorks eclipse viewing party, in addition to the eclipse, might make this a more lively evening. I also wanted to pick up some solar viewing glasses that ScienceWorks was handing out, but they were long gone (along with all of the nearby parking spaces) by the time I arrived at 6 p.m.

female eclipse viewer glasses special

This woman did not move for at least 10 minutes. She appeared to be meditating. Visions of Heaven’s Gate passed through my mind.

May 20 Annular Solar Eclipse 2012

how to photograph an eclipse low ISO faster shutter small aperture

May 20, 2012 solar eclipse as viewed from ScienceWorks in Ashland, Oregon

I had planned to head down to Weed, California to photograph yesterday’s eclipse (as that is where the eclipse was supposed to be closest to 100% in the area), but a number of factors caused me to stay in Ashland instead. Even though the sun was behind clouds, that didn’t seem to change the view of the eclipse. It looked great through proper instruments including my Nikon D7000. I didn’t look through the viewfinder. Instead I used sunglasses and live view.

For best results in photographing an eclipse, reduce your ISO to 100, increase your shutter speed to maximum (1/8000 for the above photo), and use your smallest aperture possible (f/40 for the above photo).

The above photo is as total as the eclipse got in Southern Oregon, better than expected with sun coming around all parts of the moon (annulus) even if the moon wasn’t perfectly centered.

scienceworks eclipse party ashland oregon

Eclipse viewers at Ashland's ScienceWorks

A surprise appeared on the wall behind me as the tree’s shadow showed signs of the eclipse as the eclipse progressed. The crescent moon shadow pieces in the tree’s shadow were only there as the eclipse approached its annulus stage.

tree shadows turn strange during eclipse

Eclipse as viewed from Ashland

eclipse as seen from southern oregon

Today’s annular eclipse as it approached its peak…

Earth Day – ScienceWorks

Today’s photo is from the annual Earth Day celebration/festival held at ScienceWorks in Ashland last month. These Earth Day kids were watching a taiko drumming performance, a portion of which you, too, can watch below.

ScienceWorks Superhero

ashland scienceworks superhero parade

My wife didn’t think the superheroes in the ScienceWorks entry had enough muscles. Anyone who walks in those heels in a parade is superhero enough for me.