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A road to the top of Mt. Ashland

There is a saying that “many roads lead to the top of Mt. Fuji,” but the same is also true for Mt. Ashland. Here is one such road. This one begins by going down for a few dozen yards, but it is all uphill from there.

Ashland Loop Road

Photo taken in September 2008

This past Monday morning we dropped the kids off at school and headed up Tolman Creek Road to Four Corners. From there we hopped on our bikes and road for about 20 miles on most of Ashland Loop Road (Forest Road 2060 or Horn Creek Road on Google Maps). The above picture is from about four miles in from Four Corners at one of the two Ashland Creek forks one passes on the road. Both of the creek’s forks eventually drop into Reeder Reservoir. I’ll have a picture or two that actually include water on a later date.

After about 10-12 miles from Four Corners there is a fun bit of single track on your right called Horn Gap Trail if you like real mountain biking. At the end of the single-track portion of Horn Gap be sure to turn left even though it seems like you should be turning right. When you end up at a T in the road (with a Horn Gap sign behind you) turn right to ride the last few miles downhill into Lithia Park.

I’ve done this loop before from my driveway and have to say that it is much more enjoyable from Four Corners. From my driveway to Four Corners is about 6 miles of all uphill. In just 6 miles you gain 3,000 feet of elevation. Needless to say, the next 20+ miles isn’t so enjoyable after such a climb. You feel like you’ve accomplished something but you are in agony most of the way. If you start from Four Corners it’s fun the whole time.

Another great thing about this ride is the lack of people. In my 50 or so miles doing it on two occasions I’ve yet to see another human being. I have seen a couple of bears and other wildlife but no humans.