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New Death Angel is out tomorrow!

Rob Cavestany of Death Angel @ 2017 Gefle Metal Festival

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First, part two of a story that spanned 30 years. Part one of the story can be found here.

Part two goes like this: At the 2017 Gefle Metal Festival, pictured above, I was backstage and heading to the bathroom before Death Angel hit the stage. I turned a corner and Rob, also pictured above, appeared. I said “Hi Rob” and he responded with a “Hi, do you know where the bathroom is?” I responded with something like, “That’s where I’m heading; this way.” So there I found myself, once again pissing next to a member of Death Angel, with 30 years separating the two events.

If teenager me could have seen the video below and been told that I would only have to live until I was in my 50s to see it, I would have gladly continued living. 😉

May 31 is the big day for this.

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