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Birkenau Crematorium Ruins

birkenau poland crematoria gas chamber ruins

Birkenau, Poland

Today’s photo is a rather grim one. These are the ruins of the gas chamber and crematorium at the Birkenau Concentration Camp (Auschwitz II). They were demolished in January 1945 by Nazis before retreating. A guard tower can be seen in the distance. Over a million people were killed here; more than 90% were Jewish.

Happy Sunday

Saint Marys Basilica Krakow Poland

Saint Mary’s Basilica (Krakow, Poland)

I believe the sign on the roof says something about it being restored in 1927. However, that’s strange because Wikipedia says the roof was replaced in 2003.

Royal Castle in Poznań

Royal Castle in Poznań poland

Royal Castle in Poznań (Poland, 2021)

Rynek Główny

krakow poland Rynek Główny Saint Marys Cathedral

Saint Mary’s Basilica (Krakow, Poland)

Some evenings are more magical than others…

Krakow’s Main Square dates back to the 13th Century and is the largest medieval town square in Europe. Saint Mary’s Basilica is from the 14th Century.


krakow poland

Grażyna (marble statue) in Planty Park (Krakow, Poland)

Holiday Inn Cambodia

poland concert t-shirt holiday inn cambodia

Warsaw, Poland (July 2021)

The original was great, but my favorite version is the one below.