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Happy birthday, Ole Luk!

afsky metal magic-low-light ole luk pedersen

Afsky’s Ole Luk

It’s not uncommon for me to get goosebumps at concerts. But Afsky’s soundcheck at 2021 Metal Magic Festival was the first time I’ve experienced that before the actual performance. I may have even teared up during the soundcheck. And then the actual show, with great sound, lighting, and atmosphere was wow, just wow!

Crocell @ 2021 Metal Magic Festival

Mads Bertram Højland Gath of Crocell

 metal magic illdisposed crocell bass

Onkel Kusse of Crocell (actually during the Illdisposed set)

Crocell setlist

I’m a big fan of the song “My Path of Heresy” so I was really happy that was in the set.

Asbjörn Steffensen


Slægt @ 2021 Metal Aid (Amager Bio)

Can’t get enough of this band. Saw them a couple nights ago at Metal Magic as well.

Tivoli after a win

tivoli denmark celebration

View from outside Tivoli after Denmark makes it to the semifinals in EURO 2020

Big game today on ESPN and about a million channels in Europe.

Photos from 2021 Metal Aid Festival (day two)

demolizer amager bio metal aid-low-light


withering surface amager bio metal aid-low-light

Withering Surface

slaegt amager bio metal aid Anders M Jørgensen-low-light

Slægt’s Anders M. Jørgensen

artillery amager bio metal aid-low-light

Artillery @ Amager Bio @ 2021 Metal Aid

More photos from 2021 Metal Aid Festival (day one)

Heidra amager bio metal aid-low-light


 ethereal kingdoms amager bio metal aid-low-light

Ethereal Kingdoms @ Amager Bio (June 16, 2021)

amager bio metal aid Svartsot Michael Alm-low-light

Michael Alm of Svartsot