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Happy birthday, Manoj Ramdas!

Manoj Ramdas

Manoj Ramdas

Metal Monday

Debustrol josefstadt-low-light


The Czech version of Slayer (as a Czech guy dubbed them when describing them to me) may have been my favorite act of the first day of Josefstadt.

Photos from Josefstadt day two

Mean Messiah

Laura Guldemond of Burning Witches @ Josefstadt

Truchło Strzygi

Dordeduh panorama on the Octagon stage

Ad Nauseam


Photos from Josefstadt day one

Crowd surfing during Vader’s set at Josefstadt

Destruction’s Marcel “Schmier” Schirmer

Belzebong making sure their message gets across

josefstadt harakiri for the sky-low-light

Harakiri for the Sky

Honza Kapák hellsound bohemyst josefstadt-low-light

Honza “Hellsound” Kapák of Bohemyst

decapitated josefstadt-low-light


Stiny Plamenu josefstadt-low-light

Stiny Plamenu

Metal Monday

Gruzja @ Josefstadt

Today’s photo comes from the third time I saw Gruzja this summer and the first time outside of Poland. The first two times they had three vocalists. Because three is not enough, they added a fourth at Josefstadt (the guy on the right).

Grusom @ High Voltage

Sadly, Grusom announced today that they have “decided to part ways”. This was a fantastic show (and day/night/next morning on my summer travels).

Grusom’s final show @ High Voltage (June 19, 2021)