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Alien Force @ High Voltage

alien force high voltage copenhagen Henrik Rasmussen-low-light

Henrik Rasmussen of Alien Force @ Copenhagen’s High Voltage (July 2, 2021)

Today’s photo is from a week ago. I saw Alien Force again last night at Metal Magic, but haven’t had a chance to look at those photos yet.

Alien Force is one of many old-school (mostly) Danish metal bands that have been resurrected or at least revived in recent years. From The Vaults is not only releasing old material from these bands; they are also funding the creation of new albums by these bands that haven’t released anything in decades. For instance, Alien Force has a new album coming out. Their first since I graduated from high school, and I am no spring chicken. I missed my 30-year high school reunion many years ago.

Alien Force @ 2018 Metal Magic Festival

Alien Force

@MetalMagicDK #alienForce #metalMagic

One of my favorite things about festivals is discovering bands I would have never happened upon otherwise. Also, one can see bands that have never made it out of their home country–bands that can never be seen in the USA. Such was the case in 2018 with Alien Force at Metal Magic. Even though Alien Force’s albums came out in my heyday (1985 and 1986) they never hit my radar (unlike other Danish bands from that era like Mercyful Fate and Artillery).

I really got into them in the months leading up to the festival, and their live show did not disappoint.

2018 Metal Magic Day Two

metal magic grusom



I have lots more photos I’ll be posting of Metal Magic XI here, including more from day one, but here are some from day two.

metal magic master's hammer František Franta Štorm

Franta of Master’s Hammer

metal magic pagan altar

Pagan Altar

metal magic opeth tattoo

metal magic satans fall Tomi Mäenpää

Tomi Mäenpää

metal magic alien force

Metal Magic Love

metal magic konvent


metal magic pig

metal magic woebegone obscured Mads Mortensen

Mads Mortensen

metal magic

Die With Your Boots Off

horned almighty Simon Petersen smerte s