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Happy Birthday, Scott Ian!

scott ian anthrax

Scott Ian of Anthrax

I have seen Anthrax live in three different decades. I missed the 1990s.

Waiting for Anthrax

anthrax about to hit the ace of spades stage

Anthrax about to hit the Ace of Spades (Sacramento, California) stage

Today we are passing through Sacramento on our way to Santa Barbara for a warm Christmas. The last time I was in Sacramento I took today’s photo.

More Anthrax photos

anthrax bassist frank bello leaps in the air during live show at ace of spades in sacramento california september 14 2012
Frank Bello playing not “air guitar” but (bass) guitar while in the air.

anthrax's guitarist scott ian ace of spades 2012 tour
Scott Ian

anthrax tour 2012 testament death angel ace of spades
Anthrax at Ace of Spades – Sacramento, California September 14, 2012

Anthrax @ Ace of Spades

anthrax ace of spades sacramento california september 14 2012

The first time I saw Anthrax was in 1987. They played with Metal Church who still had David Wayne on vocals. The only difference in band members in Anthrax, from that night over 25 years ago and this past Friday night, was Rob Caggiano (on the left of today’s photo) instead of Dan Spitz. The song while I took this pic? Caught in a Mosh

Anthrax アンスラックス @ Loud Park 2009

アンスラックス anthrax loud park 09 tokyo chiba japan

It has been 22 years since I last saw Anthrax live in concert. The last time was at the Omni in Oakland, California. I was a big Anthrax fan then. My love for the band has long since dimmed. Their first few albums were pretty good, but I don’t even listen to them anymore. Anthrax took some wrong turns along the way, the biggest being their Rap Metal phase.

scott ian scot anthrax live tokyo japan

I didn’t take many photos of Anthrax. The vast majority of those that I did take didn’t come out as Scott Ian still runs around like a maniac (as he did 22 years ago). That makes for a great stage show but not good picture taking.

アンスラックス anthrax john bush scott ian

In addition to the rap influences, I also have never been a big fan of any of Anthrax’s half dozen, or more, singers. John Bush isn’t bad I suppose.

アンスラックス anthrax mixing board tokyo japan loud park 2009 09

I was standing right in front of the mixing board for several bands at Loud Park. The sound was pretty poor standing any closer to the stage than the mixing board. At one point I turned around, and this Japanese guy working the mixing board was head banging and singing along. I’ve never seen that before. I had to laugh. You can’t really see him bouncing his head in this picture, but he was. Trust me.