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Tonight’s agenda has been changed

volbeat anthrax denmark

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I was going to get a photo pass for Volbeat and Anthrax tonight in Aarhus, Denmark, but things didn’t work out again (a similar thing happened when Anthrax came to Ashland). I will see Anthrax, with a photo pass, at Brutal Assault Festival in August. But no Volbeat in Denmark which I thought would be cool.

Instead I’ll be heading to Rudersdal, Denmark to catch a professional American football game there featuring Isiah Carter. Go Oaks!

Happy Birthday, Scott Ian!


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Metal @ Roskilde Festival

roskilde festival anthrax devil horns dio salute heavy metal

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The big hard rock/metal festival in Denmark has clearly become Copenhell. If you are a metalhead, that is the festival to go to. I spoke with numerous people at Copenhell who were not going to the Roskilde Festival simply because there are so few rock and metal bands there these days, even with the Foo Fighters being perhaps the biggest headliner of the 2017 Roskilde Festival.

At the first Roskilde Festival I went to, in 2011, both Iron Maiden and Mastodon were on the main (Orange) stage. Many metal/rock bands bands (Ghost, Swans, 1349, Eyehategod, Autopsy, Graveyard, Electric Wizard, etc. etc.) played other stages. As the years have gone by, Copenhell has grown and Roskilde has decreased the number of metal acts, moved them to smaller stages, and given them start times when few are around (early in the morning or early in the afternoon). The focus these days has moved to hip hop, electronica, and pop.

All of this is creating a downward spiral where fewer metal acts are booked, leading to fewer people interested in metal going to Roskilde, leading to smaller crowds at the metal acts, leading to fewer metal acts being booked, etc. I hope this isn’t my last Roskilde, but a few of the people I talked to said they were likely done if the trend continues.

That said, there were some very healthy crowds on big stages at prime times like for Red Fang and Anthrax (where I took the above photo). If any of the powers that be are reading this, similar acts need to be strung together. For instance, Pig Destroyer went on so many hours before any other metal act that I doubt there were many people there (I wasn’t). And overlapping Neurosis and Anthrax meant that half of the Neurosis crowd split for Anthrax before Neurosis had really got going. Red Fang, High on Fire, Cult of Luna, and Neurosis should have all been on the same day, with only a short time gap between each. Putting each on a different day made no sense.

Anyway, that’s my two cents.

Happy Birthday, Scott Ian!

scott ian anthrax

Scott Ian of Anthrax

I have seen Anthrax live in three different decades. I missed the 1990s.

Waiting for Anthrax

anthrax about to hit the ace of spades stage

Anthrax about to hit the Ace of Spades (Sacramento, California) stage

Today we are passing through Sacramento on our way to Santa Barbara for a warm Christmas. The last time I was in Sacramento I took today’s photo.

More Anthrax photos

anthrax bassist frank bello leaps in the air during live show at ace of spades in sacramento california september 14 2012
Frank Bello playing not “air guitar” but (bass) guitar while in the air.

anthrax's guitarist scott ian ace of spades 2012 tour
Scott Ian

anthrax tour 2012 testament death angel ace of spades
Anthrax at Ace of Spades – Sacramento, California September 14, 2012