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Topaz Adjust AI

Without Topaz Adjust AI and DeNoise AI

Once upon a time, about eight and half years ago, I didn’t shoot in RAW; I only saved my shots in jpg format. Alas, those photos are far more difficult to process in terms of getting them to look like what the scene originally looked like. The above, 11-photo photomerge is one such example. In Photoshop I wasn’t able to get the final panorama to look like the brilliance of the sunset from that one evening in New York back in 2012. Because I shot in jpg, the details were muddy and not recoverable (in Photoshop at least).

I downloaded Topaz Labs’ Adjust AI to see if it could do better. Adjust AI comes with a bunch of filters, none of which I liked. However, the adjustments for highlights, colors, shadows, etc. are far more powerful and customizable in manual mode than what you see in Photoshop, and I was able to bring the scene back to something more closely resembling what I saw with my naked eye that evening. The results are below.

11-photo photomerge new york dumbo sunset-adjust topaz denoise ai-denoise

With Topaz Adjust AI and DeNoise AI

Topaz Labs’ Adjust AI is available for under $50 until 12/31/20. Use the code holiday2020 at checkout.

Brooklyn Bridge taxi

brooklyn bridge taxi new york

Taxi crossing from Brooklyn to Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge

130th anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge

brooklyn bridge

Neo-gothic tower of the Brooklyn Bridge

On May 24, 1883 the Brooklyn Bridge opened for use. I walked over it for the first time a little over 129 years later to take today’s photo.

Panorama from the Brooklyn Bridge

manhattan bridge brooklyn photoshop photomerge cs6 nikon d7000 tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 len

Today’s panorama photo is a photomerge of 11 pictures I took from the Brooklyn Bridge. The result you see above covers more than 200 degrees and includes Manhattan on the far left, the Manhattan Bridge straight ahead, and Brooklyn on the far right. If you look closely you can see a helicopter, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and the new World Trade Center Buildings (under construction). Unfortunately, you cannot see the Geico Gecko.